is a record cutting CO-OP based in the unlikely (and unofficial) record lathe capital of the world: Tucson, Arizona, USA.

It is made up of four separate, independent, but friendly, businesses that all have their own specialties and focuses.

Michael provides repair, training, buys/sells vintage mono machines, does on-site record cutting for events and festivals, educational presentations about the science and history of recorded sound, and runs several art-focused record labels.

The man behind the operations, Michael Dixon has spearheaded numerous companies that focus on vinyl records, lathe cut records, and bizarre variations on the theme.

Need live record cutting at your festival, concert, party, event, or bar mitzvah? MVR will bring out beautiful vintage record cutting lathes and cut your audio onto records made from hi-fi lacquers, cost effective polycarbonate plastic, or unique oddities like plastic picnic plates, CDs that play on your turntable AND your CD player.

PIAPTK is a record label that focuses on creating unique and upcycled packaging and formats. PIAPTK has released over 230 records in the last 10 years from artists like Grandaddy, The Flaming Lips, Jeffrey Lewis, The Golden Boots, Money Mark, Wooden Wand, Ariel Pink, Mike Watt, and R Stevie Moore, PIAPTK.

A presentation for libraries and schools that chronicles the history and science of recorded sound. Attendees learn about the various musical formats that have come and gone throughout the last 130 years of recorded music, build their own record player from a cactus needle and a piece of paper, and record their voice to a vinyl record which is left on display with the school or library.

Vintage Machine Sales/Service/Training

If you have an old record lathe to sell, are looking to buy one, need repairs, or just need someone to show you how to use it, Michael is your man. With over 10 years of experience and over 75,000 records cut, he can help you get a machine or get yours up and running. He offers phone/text support packages, or will fly to your location to help you get your machine dialed in and start cutting. He also offers two Lathe Cut Camps in Tucson, AZ per year.


*Michael no longer does short run lathe cut records outside of the above businesses*

Precarian Cuts

Short-Run Custom Lathe Cut Records

Precarian Cuts is run by Zack Hansen, former employee and lathe cutter at He is looking to provide an alternative to waiting six months on vinyl pressing plants and making sure DIY bands and independent labels get what they need, when they need it. Precarian Cuts will offer most of the standard lathe cut options the way did in no frills packaging. Zack will cut all genres of music but specializes in heavy music, ambient\electronic, and rock.

Precarian Cuts is an offshoot of Precarian Media, a Tucson, AZ based record label and boutique booking agency ran by Zack, known for his long time atmospheric sludge band North (Prosthetic Records), his death-grind group Languish (Battleground Records/Crown and Throne Ltd.) and his solo experimental ambient moniker Zachary Reid


Disk Craft Lathes

Short-Run Custom Lathe Cut Records

Chris was the utility man around Lathe cuts. He has been playing and recording music for the past 20 years,and plays in several bands in various styles of music. Among many of his strange jobs he has had over the years Chris helped to build shows for the Ringling brother circus.

While he enjoys most any style of music he spends most of his time listening to rock, funk/soul, and avant-garde music. He works with several artists, and is excited to help everyone release your music in whatever fashion you would like.


Lock Grooves Records

Short-Run Custom Lathe Cut Records

With close to 15 years of recording, mixing and mastering experience, producer and audio engineer, Phen, will be concentrating more on quality than quantity. His master EQ work will be leave you thinking “Is that really a lathe cut??”

Phen specializes in Hip-Hop and Electronic but can cut all genres of music. His website is in the works and coming soon. He will offer everything from basic rounds to square picture disks to cd-hybrid records and cool custom packaging for all. Email Phen for quotes and any questions.